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About: Watch out, Sophie.
Ash - Darkside Lightside
Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Sleater-Kinney - Don’t Talk Like
Lady Gaga - Teeth
Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy
Radiohead - High And Dry
Blur - For Tomorrow
Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way
The Dodos - Jodi
Deerhunter - Dot Gain
Liam Finn - Wise Men
Cat Power - New York
You Say Party!  We Say Die! - Like I Give A Care
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - All I Want For Christmas
Erase Errata - Cruising
Patti Smith - Chiklets
Amanda Palmer - Straight
Pavement - Here
Foster the People - Waste
Greg Johnson - No Angel Her
Nothing to see here, just my hugely skewed musical tastes.
  1. Ash - Darkside Lightside
  2. Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out
  3. Sleater-Kinney - Don’t Talk Like
  4. Lady Gaga - Teeth
  5. Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy
  6. Radiohead - High And Dry
  7. Blur - For Tomorrow
  8. Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way
  9. The Dodos - Jodi
  10. Deerhunter - Dot Gain
  11. Liam Finn - Wise Men
  12. Cat Power - New York
  13. You Say Party!  We Say Die! - Like I Give A Care
  14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - All I Want For Christmas
  15. Erase Errata - Cruising
  16. Patti Smith - Chiklets
  17. Amanda Palmer - Straight
  18. Pavement - Here
  19. Foster the People - Waste
  20. Greg Johnson - No Angel Her

Nothing to see here, just my hugely skewed musical tastes.

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    Ain’t Nobody Can Hold Me Down (Lotus Juice feat. Shihoko Hirata) Water Wall (Transistor OST) It’s a Sin (Eddy Arnold)...
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    Leia covered Kradness Fxxk U by GA-IN Shiranai Love*Oshiete Love (RIN MIX) by Riho Ilda Rolling Girl remixed by...
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    Shambala- Three Dog Night Paparazzi- Lady Gaga Fastest Girl In Town- Miranda Lambert Shame- the Avett Brothers Played...
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    hair - lady gaga the changing lights - broken bells (i actually never listened to this before and im glad i did) baptism...
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    1.) Love the Way You Lie Pt. III - Skylar Grey 2.) Super Bass - Nicki Minaj 3.) Circle of Life - Lion King 1997 Broadway...
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    1) believer- kill Hannah 2) perfection- late Nite reading 3) when your heart stops beating- +44 4) should’ve when you...
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    1. Just Another Soul - Farewell, My Love 2. Wake Me Up When September Ends- Greenday 3. Killing Me- Her Bright Skies 4....
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    1. Metro Station - Shake It 2. Escape The Fate - Zombie Dance 3. Big Bang - Still Alive 4. Falling In Reverse - Game...
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    Heck yeah gots to do this too why the frick not. 1. The Far Side of the Moon - ZUN 2. I’m Alive - A Change of Pace 3....
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    Simple and Clean - Utada Hikaru October - Homestuck Crayon - G-Dragon Unknown Song - Meiko Make It Stop - Rise Against...
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